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First and Second

Fix Electrics

Our electrical service  of both first and second fix installations are carried out by a NICEIC approved electricians.

This means all of our electrical installations are installed to modern building regulations and standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our service.

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A survey to review your requirements, or to investigate what work is required for works such as a mains connection or wiring through walls. This is sometimes unnecessary,  if the customer can provide enough information.

Supply and labour

Our quotes are transparently priced, giving you both pricing for supply for materials and labour.

First fix wiring

All aspects of first fix wiring, which includes running cables through the building structure before any interior wall finishes.

Certified Contractors

Our electrical services are conducted by NICEIC certified contractors, meeting modern building regulations and standards.

Second fix components

Second fix components installations to complete wiring from the first fix. Examples of these are spotlights and sockets.


All electrical installations come with a workmanship warranty, meaning that our contractor will always make sure your electrical installation is working at it's best.

A great deal of electrical works in London are priced innaccuratley and are disproportionate to standard electrician fees recommended by the NICEIC. This makes gathering electrical quotes a confusing and daunting process, which sometimes results in over charging and unsatisfactory results.


For fair and straightforward pricing, UMA utilises our trusted, certified electricians who have installed electrics in our constructions, to provide accurate quotes based on standard electrician fees. 

Guide Prices

6x spotlights &

3x sockets


Mains connection to 



EST. £500.00-£700.00

Fuseboard rewiring


EST. £200.00-£350.00


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