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For Echo Pods and Echo Pod installations

At Uma Designs, we believe that you shouldn't have to settle for uncompetitive prices and products which are not on sale. That's why our Echo pod prices are always competitive every day, making sure that you get the best deal available.

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While we always keep our prices for the Echo Pods competitive, there may be an occasion where one of our competitors offers a lower price for an identical or similar build or service. We will gladly review the prices to see if we could price match or beat that lower price. This being said, even though a price may be lower, service does matter a great deal too! 

Price Match Terms 

Price match requests will only be considered and applied if:

  • the competitor's product is closley or exactly identical and of the same standard of quality to ours, being of the same size, colour and material specifications and performance.

  • is advertised as a new individual product, which excludes used items,

  • the competitor's product is sold by an approved, VAT registered, established and reputable UK company with a nationwide presence, which excludes pop-up or temporary companies, collection points, factory outlets, resellers such as Amazon or auction sites such as eBay,

  • includes delivery and any extra charges at the advertised price,

  • is able to deliver in equivalent timescales to us.

This price match cannot be used in conjunction with any offers or discounts offered by Uma Designs. We don’t consider service or reward-based promotions, which includes trade-ins, cashbacks, extended warranties or express delivery, but we can match price-based promotions given at the point of purchase. If the competitor price is during a very short-term promotion, we may not have a chance to lower our price in time, so we would advise a price match request as soon as possible before the end of the short-term promotion.

For Installations: ​

We select our installation providers  carefully to ensure that they match the quality of the materials we use for our Echo Pods. We will consider lowering the combined price of our Echo Pod kit and Echo Pod installation service, but only if a competitor’s installation service is comparable in terms of quality: scope of the workmanship, the timescale for completing the work and the accreditation, experience and reputation of the installers, of which information must be publicly available for us to verify. The installer must also be readily available to perform the work for the quoted price without delay. If we are unable to verify the accreditation, legitimacy or reputation of the installer, a price match for installation will not be considered.

For us to verify the prices, the competitor’s prices needs to be publicly available to all customers, and needs to be displayed in the competitor’s own shop or on their website, or be the first price quoted to our price monitoring team over the telephone. 

Price matching does not apply for installation prices in locations outside London or the M25.

This offer to price match or price beat can be withdrawn at any time at our discretion.

Price match only applies to the Echo Pod product range (Echo Pod DIY kits and Echo Pod installations) and will not apply to any other product. If the price match will result in a loss to Uma Designs, we reserve the right to refuse a price match request if necessary.

A price match or beat cannot be applied retrospectively and will only be agreed at the time of purchase, when recieving a quotation with that price match or price beat.

Requesting a Price Match

Price matches should be requested via our website or to our email address. Simply upload the quotation with the lower price, your name and contact details and submit it to us for review, where we may ask a few questions regarding the quotation.  

If your request is approved you will be emailed a quotation with the approved lower price. 

Price Match: Text
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