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Loft conversions are an excellent way of making use of your existing loft rather than a storage space. 

Ceiling Heights

When considering a loft conversion, we aim to maximise headroom taking into account any limitations – we make sure clients are best informed of the options. If you choose to ‘live in’ during a Loft Conversion this may affect the headroom within the new loft.


We design stairs to either match with the exisitng house or as a modern alternative. Our clients are given a selection of stair type recommendations.


Our roofing and insulation design for all of our projects aim to achieve excellent thermal performance. Warm decks with Polyurethane insulation are used as standard.


We always consider the use of better ventilation, with operable made to measure windows. Windows are a classic and functional way of improving natural lighting and natural ventilation within your loft.

Loft Conversions: About
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