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Type guide

Rear Extension

This is the most common type of extension, being the most applicable to most property types. These run across the back of the existing ground floor house, adding a potential open plan kitchen/diner and entertaining space. This extension links together with with the rear of the house via a large opening on the existing back wall of the hosue, using a steel beam or frame.

Side Extension

This extension is seen on the side or front of the house, and can allow alot more natural light into the existing property. Side extentions offer many possibilities, which includes some exciting open plan designs that can be integrated within the existing house plan. 

Wrap Around Extension

Wraping around the house with a single extension, merges both a rear and side extension, resulting in a much more integrated design with the original house. Using skylights, floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings can bring about an abundance of natural light and  vastness. 

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